Monday, December 6, 2010

Farewell @ Haagen-dazs Sunway Piramid

I don't know why this life move so fast.
And I really hate when it come to the "move on" phase.

It feels like just yesterday I met my lovely girl friend Anam Baig (it actually 4 years ago ^^V )
And then now she have to go back to her home town, Pakistan already. Not for holiday but because she finished her degree. It's mean that we don't know when we can meet each other again. :(

Hopefully she will come on our graduation ceremony on August 2011.

Me & Anam
gonna miss u alot.... T.T

So, we meet yesterday @ sunway Piramid.
Haagen-dazs Fondue accompanied us when we had our little chit-chat.

Anam, Me and Maiyasah

Candit Photos hehehhe...

Really hope that this won't be our last meeting.
Thanks for being my lovely friend for these years.
I will never forget you.
So, promise me that you will active in your facebook ya, so that we still can chat & exchanging msg there :)

Wish joy and happiness always be with u Muach muach... ^^V


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