Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutorial: Download nOnaCapsa apps from Ovi Store direct in your HP

1. ---> Menu

2. --->internet access -->ovi store

3. Type --> nonacapsa on the search box ---> click the nOnaCapsa icon

4. nOnaCapsa apps description will appear on your screen

5. Scroll down ---> click Download

6. Tick to agree with the term and condition ---> Start downloading --->Install the apps

7. Close the Internet Browser ---> Go back to Menu --> Open Application Folder

8. Congratulation!! nOnaCapsa is Successfully Installed in your phone.
Click the icon to start go into the apps

Screen shoot:
a) Click read to read the content of each post

b)Example display of the post content

c)Example display of the post content

Hp model: Nokia E75
n/b: click on the picture to zoom


BCT163A 1 on 1 said...

congrats yahh fi. sayangny hape aq nokia yg butut. jd ndak isa download....:(
perlu beli baru inih....hahahaha...:p

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