Monday, December 20, 2010

nOnaCapsa apps on OVI Store

Finally, the long awaiting for nokia to approve nOnaCapsa as an apps in OVI store has been answered. 5 minutes ago I just received the approval email from Nokia.

So Happy ^.^
My 1st apps.
Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia for the workshop and the opportunity. ^^V

Here, take a look how nOnaCapsa later will appear in your Nokia screen after you download it.

So, start from now you can download nOnaCapsa directly to your Nokia Hp via OVI Store.
You can download it and send it as a Christmas gift to your friends from OVI store website.
What you need to do is only follow these simple steps:
2. Click Application tab
3. Type nonacapsa on the search box
4. Screen Shoot after you find nOnaCapsa
5. Remember to register as member 1st in order for you to have the privilege to download apps from OVI store. Proceed to click the send to cell button.
6. Fill up the HPhone destination number and wait for approximately 1 hour before you can download and install nOnaCapsa blog apps in your HPhone. :)

Remember to search for nOnaCapsa in OVI store ya... :)

nOnaCapsa logo:
Photografer: Salem Hussein
Editor: Duan Ronaldo
Model: Filivi Alexander (me)


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