Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesterday, I was not feeling feel.
So early felt asleep already, that's why can't catch up with you guys. :(

Today when I opened nOnaCapSa and checked my pooling result, I saw that 75% of my readers iare female. It didn't surprise me as most of the topic that I reviewed in nOnaCapSa are more to girl stuff.
Today, I decided to review something that small boy stuff :)

A bit funny... but why not???
I think it will be more fair if I can do something or give more information that useful and interesting for my boyfriend and your boyfriendssssss hahahaha :)

So, I start with THE ACCELERATE 2010 Event.
Maybe some of you heard about this but I'm sure most of you didn't!!! :D
It is because I know most of you are girls and like myself, I just found out about this, which is when I decided to blog about men stuff. Whereas, this event actually took place in Singapore and more than 1600 attendees attended this event. The number are exclude all event's staffs, committees and other workers.

On this event, what I interest the most is the ASIA's TOP 50 APPS Award.
SingTel in cooperation with e27 and other nominates more than 200 web and mobile application that developed in Asia or targeting their market in Asia. Later, users ware being asked to vote for the top 50 apps that most innovative.

Those top 50 apps will get privilege of get listed in the Asia’s Top 50 Apps Directory which is distributed to 4,000 regional and local business attendees at both Accelerate 2010 and Singtel i.Luminate 2010 which happens Sept 22-23 2010 in Singapore. This is a golden opportunity for those apps developers, as the Accelerate 2010 event hosted the largest gathering of solution providers and developers from around the world, which means that this event will give the opportunity to access multiple Asia Pacific markets in one go.
By getting involved, in cross-disciplinary workshops that provide skill-sets in the event, it will enable the apps developers to gain new perspectives to help future-proof of their business. Not to mention about other benefits that they gain from share knowledge with veteran developers and thought leaders on topics such as open source, cloud computing, social collaboration, social networking and mobile applications.

Therefore I would like to congratulate those Top 50 apps in Asia for their achievement and wish them to be more innovative and better in future. As for others young entrepreneur, hope this event can be a motivation to be more creative in creating new application and business opportunity.


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