Friday, October 15, 2010


I just had a great dinner tonight together with Joffrey's colleagues from BOSCH in SS2 Murni, Petaling Jaya.

It was in a "MAMAK" type restaurant with Unique food name and taste.
In my opinion this is THE BEST MAMAK store ever!!!!

Started with Mango and Guava Special...
It is not real fruit juice but it is special because inside got real fruit cube such as lychee and water melon. Unique right??? :)

This drink called "I love you I miss you"
I forget to try this so not really sure how it taste but from the name we can guess that this is a special drink.
It quite funny when Zimah ordered it (at that time I didn't know this drink name yet),
so she said directly to the waiter : "I love you I miss you"
When I heard that I thought like; what????!!!!

Here the Main Courses:

Joffrey's Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop Maryland

The best NAN CHESEE ever!!!
Oh God, can you see the cheese melting out????!!!

My Dinosaur bread with chicken,ham & cheeseeeeeeee.......

Mie TIKUS. Tikus in English mean RAT!!!
I don't know why the name like that but 100% it is Rat FREE and it taste super delicious!!!!

Here we are :)

Since I took photo used my handphone camera,I realize that the quality of my photo is not that good therefore I took some photos from internet for sample menu in SS2 Murni for your reference. Enjoy ya :)

SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya53 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea, Malaysia


BCT163A 1 on 1 said...

sudahlah g ada kata diet d kamus aq...hahahaha...:D

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