Thursday, October 7, 2010

HangOut!!! :)

Today I'm happy coz my car's roadtax and insurance renewed already.
It's been quite long time expired because the previous owner gave me problem by not settle down his summon. :(
Anyway, I don't want to talk more about it because it just make me feel angry

After from AmBank took the roadtax, me and kak Ajenk when to IOI Mall and had our lunch @ LITTLE TAIWAN.

Three Treasure Beef Rice

Pan Fried Dumpling (my favorite)

And J'CO (again!!!)
J'CO just open it's new outlet at IOI Mall. Happy because now it's nearer. Last time the nearest J'CO outlet from Cyberjaya is in Sunway Piramid.

Oh, Yesterday I visited Tropical City Mall for very 1st time with Gusta, Jenny and Rafika.
1st Impression: the mall was quite!!!

We are on the way and this what we did when the trafic light turn red :)

Almost no one behind us. snap snap wherever we like :)

After tired walked around we tried some pastries @ Pastry Culture

Gusta with her little tiny cream puff at her lips :)

Snap Picture again with fruits.. :)

I felt in luv with this little cutie chair pillow @ Cartoon. but it rm59 huhuhuhu...

So, if you want to go to cinema I really recommend you to go to Tropical City Mall. Sure can get seat because not many people there. :)


gusta said...

hahahaha a litle tiny cream puff make me so weirdo look...

did today was good??

Filivi said...

u look cute la :)
yesterday with k ajenk was good. btw, are you sure don't want come with us to Tangs & Midvaley???
its close door sale babe!!!!
I'm sure it's gonna be great. :)

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