Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interesting Item @ Pavilion This weekend

Today, I woke up late. I supposed to go to my dentist early morning for my final root treatment, but apparently I forgot to put alarm last night so only at 11am I moved from cyber.
At 12pm I arrived at dentist place and luckily she accepted me because 1pm was her lunch break already and there were 3 other patients sitting outside waited for her treatment as well.

After waiting for almost 1 hour my dentist called me and I got my treatment. Then she said that I had to wait at least 4 hours before i can take any food. I said no problem to her but actually my stomach were singing already asking for food because I only had 1 glass of cereal as my breakfast :(

Therefore after from dentist, I went to Pavillion as usual and only have a mushroom soup for lunch :(
Joffrey had his chicken chop. I stole few bites of it ^^V

After finish our lunch, we went to Tangs. I saw few quite cute items by Martha Pink

This lovely bag is RM120 only. No discount currently in TANGS.

After Tangs moved to Parkson
The shoes section got discount till 50%.
Bill Keith also on sale. 40% only. I like bill Keith because all the material is so soft and the shoe box looks so nice. It is red in-color and the design is elegant. After discount price around RM89.

Guess best price. RM 250 only. They are gorgeous. :)

On cosmetic section, Estee Lauder year end sale is back.

I'm thinking to have 1 of this collection this year. They really value for money. If you buy all item individually, in 1 collection the total will be around RM1000++. Now you can have it by RM200++ to RM400++ only.

On Cotton On, the new item that catch my eye was the new sandal. The design is unique.

Finally, tired walking, we had break at J'co. There 2 new flavor as you can see in the picture.
So, for those who haven't taste it hurry go to J'co while it still hot :)


April said...


lagi sele yah,,,,,,

best gila sandalnyah maaaawwww :(

Filivi said...

Mau sendal yg mana say?? hahaha..

salenya blum full, baru 50%, tar tunggu dec isa ampe 70%, baru lbh seru lagi :)

Kudu nabung dr skrg ^^V

April said...

wahhhh ooo gt yah sendal yang no 2, coklat krem bling2 hahhaha,,hoho

nabung2...hahahhah go!

Filivi said...

tinggal di indo ato lg study di malay?
kalo di indo, waktu paling bagus buat shopphing di malay emang bulan agustus ma december.

sering bgt sech sale di sini, tapi 2 bulan itu yg paling gila-gilaan salenya.
makanya ak betah di malay hahahha...

gusta said... look slim here babe!!!wakakakaka

btw, do you think rm200 is cheap??
hmmm..where is this place? pavilion??

Filivi said...

lol... :)
Thank you. lets jogging tomorrow morning so we all can more and more slim ^^V

Rm200 for estee lauder of course very cheap. later we go together to parkson at pavillion and share to get the promotion :)

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