Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ladies day :)

It's not really a ladies day actually, i just called it that way because in 1 hour I'm going out with my girl friends: Gusta, jennie and rafika. :)

The 2nd reason is because today we are going to have nice food with very very cheap price!!!

So, we are going to have our lunch at FIREMAN The Restaurant Puchong.
This gonna be my 1st time there, later when I back, will review whether the food there good or not. So stay tune with nOnaCapsa!!! :)

The RM1 Buffet Lunch Voucher

Sorie, have to delete the coupon id and password :)
To get this unbelievable deal like this you can visit this website:

Than later we are going to have our dinner at BURGER KING!!!

RM1 only for the Whopper Burger and it ONLY TODAY 6th OCT!!!!
So, if you haven't got any plan for today, now u know where you should bring your special 1 or family and friends to have dinner. :)
You can close your eyes and threat them all hahhahaah... Enjoy!!!

And between the lunch and dinner, we may be going to watch movie.
Hello!!! It's Wednesday, rm6/ticket for all movie in GSC and also CINELEISURE Damansara till midnight. OMG!!! Dont you think that today is a really good day????!!!
Yes, I think so :)


Gusta said...

omg!! are you trying to ruin my DIET!!!!
but I Loved It

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