Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Working Now!!! :)

Finally oh finally I have time to write again huhuuhu...
A bit dramatic maybe, but it true..
Lately I've been so busy and tired!!!

It is because I'm working for completion of my internship program.
After this I will directly Graduate from MMU lalallalala...
Happy mode on :)

My Office

I'm on 9th Floor: CEO Office

Here where I spent most of my time for the whole day

Snap snap.. :)

1st day briefing. Can order milo, So nice...

Our Pantry where I used to have my Breakfast

On 5th floor have gym facility. Even pool also have. All the equipment still new and in good Condition. :)

Exercise before back home while waiting for Joffrey to pick me up.

My Lunch today at the office cafeteria. Rm3.80 only. yum yum..


gusta said...

mentang2 murah jgn sampai kebanyakan makan kaloo lunch hours..haaahha

Filivi said...

hhahhahahha ^^V

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