Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Munchy's Wheat Krunch

Felt in love with new Munchy's Cracker :)

Wheat Krunch; Deliciously Fun & Tasty Crackers

My Stocks on office :)

Really great to have it with a glass of hot milo for breakfast.

I really like it. It taste seriously fun because it light and made from wholemeal flour.
As you can see, the packaging is simple yet so cute, and the most important is: This Cracker is made specially for us!!!
Yes, don't you see a diet symbol (The Crackers playing hula-hop) there with high fiber notation??! hahahhaa...

Therefore you can have it anywhere, everywhere and anytime.
Yummy Yummy... :)


gusta said...

emang enak kok yang itu
ada yg dimakan si antoni juga gituan,

tapi yg oat. enak lohh...

yuk menuju kurus 2011 lah..

beliin aku bad cover yg di midvelly...
sama beliin aku power supply..huhu

*banyak maunya, gak tau di untung


Filivi said...

joffrey juga suka yg oat. yg ini baru kluar, lebih enak yg sech menurutku hehhehe...
ayo kita blanja bareng..
kl kl ...

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