Monday, October 18, 2010

Internship and Part time job @ P1 Malaysia

This Morning I got an email from HR to collect my staff ID.
So,I went to HR just now and got my staff ID :)

My 1st Staff ID

This is my 1st experience get involve in working environment, that's why don't wonder why I'm a bit excited, even thought only get an staff ID :)

In addition, Miss desire Azhary, the senior executive of HR department told me that currently they are looking for internship with IT background.

For those who are looking for permanent job especially Malaysian, you can contact her to find out more info on her contact detail below.

Where as for International student, you may apply for part time position.
Please do contact her A.S.A.P as the opportunity still there.

You can also tell her that you get this information from me (Filivi) and she will directly understand.

Good Luck guys...

Desire Azhary
T +603 7450 8906


I Me said...

teng kyu say... ^^
dah ngimel aku :)

Filivi said...

orait. god luck ya..
kalo kalian keterima di sini kan kita isa lunch and ngegym bareng

I Me said...

amin amin...
hehehe.. moga2 keterima :)

mpus said...

wehee..congrats fili ^^
tp aku udah ada job e
sukses yah :)
and makasih infonya :)

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