Sunday, October 3, 2010

HaLLoweeN iS Coming

Halloween is in another 4 weeks!!!!
Have you guys prepared anything like the custome or a place that will rock your Halloween party???
If you haven't, then you must prepare it now...
Halloween party 2010 must be a memorable one right??!! :)

Tonight I just passed by a stall in front of Cold Storage The Gardens Mid Valley that displays Halloween accessories. Those are cute and I managed to take some pictures. I hope they can give you guys some ideas to mix and match your custome :)

Me :)

Cute Bat Tote Bag and The Gosh Mask

Witch Hat... Nice for Harry Potter Theme

Pumpkin Hat and mini Bag. They are matching each other :)

All of these accessories are in price range of rm8-rm15.
Affordable price :)
So, hope you guy enjoy those little cute things..

Have a good night :)


Gustania said...

where is it??
wow..can't wait for holowone!!

Filivi said...

The Garden Mid Valley. There also an event going on now for the opening of new LV shop....
Yeah.. Halloween is coming!!! so exited for this year.I plan to celebrate in Malaysia because last year I had it in Bali and that was so great. :)

Bharat Eyyal said...


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