Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top 10 ExtraOrdinary Cars

I was Googling this afternoon and used "scary car on fire" keyword to find out about 1 car name that I have to find out in order to answer a contest question in FB.

Thus, I came across with several cars picture that caught my intention because of their unique and extraordinary design.

Therefore I would like to share with you because all of them are so interesting :)

Here they are:

1.Hello Kitty Interior Car
I really want to have a car like this !!! Hello Kitty just the most cute and adorable things on earth!!! ><

2. High Heel Shoe Car
This is awesome. So stylish car but I'm wondering how I'm gonna use it when it is rain hahaha...
Also, I often confuse which heel to wear when want to go out, now have to worry about which heel to drive some more!!!! hahahhaa...

3. The Crystal Car
It is covered by Swarovski Crystal, therefore I would love to have this as well. I adore Swarovski ^^V

4.Scary Car!!!
I won't ever let my little sister or children ( if I have in future) to drive a car like this.
This is so Scary!!!! OMG!!!

5. Kitty Car
Wondering what it sound when we start the engine... "Miauw.. Miauw'!!!! hahhaha...

6. Wood Car
My Dad will love this one because he like something made from wood and well polished.

7. Dragon Car
My lil Brother will love this one. He was born in 2000 which is Gold Dragon year.

8. Silver Dragon Car

9. Reebok Car
This sure a comfortable car to drive :)

10.Phantom Car
My Bf love this one. This car is modeled from a 1936 Bugatti Atlantic.
Old yet Sophisticated.


BCT163A 1 on 1 said...

aq maw hello kitty car nya, full of pink hahahaha...and of course Swarovski Crystal car which will be the best friends of woman like us...:p

Dia.Honey said...

come n visit my blog to see my car.. :P

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is

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