Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In-conjunction of my previous review about Asia's Top 50 apps, now I'm going to review 1 of the 50 Asia's top app, which is SocialWalk.

I'm interested with SocialWalk because it just started up in 2008 by it's CEO Mr. Tham Keng Yew, a very young entrepreneur yet have brilliant idea that brings SocialWalk in it's young age to become 1 of the Top 50 Apps in ASIA.

Mr.Tham Keng Yew

This great achievement for sure will make us wonder, what actually SocialWalk is about.
So, basically SocialWalk is a software solution for event organizing.
It unique and special because it:
  • Allow event registration and ticketing process became more efficient through it's online system .
    The attendee experience fast, easy and secured registration while the organizer can save a lot on administration cost and work regarding the registration matter hence, can put more afford on other aspect of the event.
  • Has Business Matching Service on which the platform can be used to facilitate networking and business matching among guests and attendees.

Socialwalk; Open Web Asia 2010

Socialwalk; MSC Open Source Conference

Socialwalk's Clients:

As we can see, Socialwalk's clients are already in a top company category. Additional with the Asia's 50 Top Apps award that Socialwalk has just received, all of that shown that Socialwalk is really a brilliant software innovation.

Event organizers are encouraged to use Socialwalk for more efficient registration process and successful of their events.

Socialwalk website:
Socialwalk Facebook page:


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