Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Favorite Online Shopping Website

This year I spent a lot on online shopping.
It is because online shopping offers lower price and many variety to choose.
Also, it's supported by easy internet access and easy payment through internet banking.

From many online website, there is 1 website that I like the most; AiShop.
The reason I like it are:
  • Aishop offers wide range of products starts from Ladies and Man fashion, Shoes and bag, Beauty care, Accessories and even Book Store.
  • Fast delivery and efficient customer services
    Seriously, Your order will be directly delivered on the same day if you made the payment before 12pm. It was really fast and they always give mistery gift inside your package. :)
  • Free postage for purchase above rm60
  • The prices offered in this website are cheaper than the market price. For example Beautilicious instants eyeshadow single pack is only rm7.80, where if you go to Watson or Guardian it will cost you rm12.90 (the normal price)
  • The quality of the product is good and value for money you paid.
  • Easy Payment Method. You can choose to pay via Paypal or domestic online banking such as CIMBCLICK, MAYBANK2YOU and PUBLIC BANK.
  • Many type of discount vouchers.
    It is very easy to get discount vouchers that you can use to redeem any purchase on the website. By participating in their survey, you can get Rm5 voucher directly, or by recommending its Facebook page to your friends, you can redeem discount voucher. Of course terms and condition applied. :)

Here are some pictures of me with item that I bought from AiShop :)

Chic Yamada: Jelena Sexy Shoulder Off Long Top

This is the free gift when buy any of Chic Yamada Product.
So comfortable T-shirt. I Love it. :)

Beautilicious instants eyeshadow
I bought a lot from Aishop, also got 1 free gift from its Facebook contest.
I really love to use this instant eyeshadow because it gives me professional look in less than a minute. It is easy to apply and also very light. Many colors can be combined with my contact lens and dresses. This is a 5-star product. :)
Video on how you can use your instants eye-shadow:

This is Foot Callus Remover from MIRCOZ. Given by Aishop as im the winner one of Aishop facebook contest. Thank you Aishop :)

Here video on how you can use this cullus remover:

Currently I craving for Aishop Heel. still work on my saving to get few of them :)
Wait for my order AiShop :)

So, for all you that have no time to shopping outside, online shopping is the alternative.
I would like to recommend Aishop for it 5-start products and services :)
Happy Shopphing...

AiShop website:
AiShop Facebook Fans Page:


Dominique said...

i Love online shop too Fil.
It is easy and also cheaper :)

ting said...

Wow~ Nice eyeshadow. I think i shd get one for myself too.

Filivi said...

@Dominique: thats true, me and my housemates now spend more time for online shopping rather than window shopping. but really, we have to smart on choosing from where we order our stuff because some website give low quality product. later i will update on information about other websites which based on my experience is good and value for our money. :)

Filivi said...

@Ting:You really have to try it. The instants eye shadow really instants to use but the result is so adorable :)
If you want to get more cheaper price from AiShop you can buy the 5-in-1 pack. last time i also bought that one. its only rm28.80, if u divided by 5 later each eye shadow only cost you rm5.76.
Happy Trying :)

Summer Glitz said...

Hi Nonacapsa,
Check out for great deals!

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