Friday, October 29, 2010

This Morning Accident

It was raining this morning when I left home to office.
I told Joffrey to drive more carefully because usually if rain many accident on the road.
The rain was not that hard but still we heard in radio (Fly FM) there was few accident happened already and 5 minutes after that when we passed by a junction in puchong, we saw an accident by our self.

I don't know the road name (exact location), but this junction is a junction near a bridge if u go to go Puchong not use the toll and out right after the 1st BHP Petrol.

Here is the accident:

It was between a motorcycle and a kancil.
The lady in motorcycle (orange shirt) seems like fainted because she didn't move at all.
We didn't saw the accident happened. At the time we arrived there they already laid down on the road.

Hopefully the victims not hurt much.
Lets all of us pray together for them.

Remember, Drive CAREFULLY when it's rainy.
Don't think that when you drive slow u are safe, no it's not.
You must not only slowdown your speed but also need to pay attention, focus and alert with other vehicles movement around you.
It is because not all driver are drive carefully!!!
So try to make distance with other car that seems to be drove by a careless driver in order to avoid yourself to an accident.

Wish all of us have safety trip wherever you go.


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