Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gutten Morgen

Gutten Morgen....
What a lovely Thursday morning; woke up on time + no jam on my way to office :)

How do I look today??? haha.. ^^V

On Office now but since my supervisor haven't give me any task for today, that why now I'm having my free time :)

Lets me bring you to our dinner last night.
It's Sushi King rm2 Bonanza and we had it at Sushi King Alamanda,Putrajaya.

Me & Joffrey with Salim & kak Ajenk. (DD = double date OR double dinner)

Fresh & Nice....

My Favorite: Unagi Yummy...

Have couple cup of Hot Green Tea

My Hunny Fav: Baby Octopus and Prawn ; All Rm2/plate

The waiters calculated the plates while we take a break for a moment.

Salim said: "now im going to be a vegetarian for temporary"
The temporary term here = 5minute or 10 minute only ^^V
And being vegetarian is not mean that he don't take any meat at all for the whole life.
It just, he will not take any meat for that "temporary" duration!!!
Do you get what i mean???

Anyway, we went home with fully occupied stomach space and of course direct felt sleep.


Anonymous said...

aq suka post yg inih...ahahahaha...tinggi benar piringny...:D
btw, td mlm aq dah klik refresh ampe bolak balik tp g dpt2, kayany g rejeki...:(

Filivi said...

kog isa ya? coba aj lagi la kalo lg free. ak td siang pas di kantor buka juga dpt iklan itu hehehe... lumayan men.

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